WWE NXT: 5 Potential Opponents to Take Down Asuka

1 Apr 2020

Since her debut, Asuka has been in a league of her own at NXT.  Who can stop the Women’s Champion?
It is no secret that Asuka has been unstoppable since coming into NXT a little over a year ago.  Asuka has dominated the competition, and now finds herself bored many times through her matches.  She recently got some competition from the returning Mickie James back at NXT Toronto, but was able to defeat the former WWE Women’s Champion.
Fans have to wonder, what is next for Asuka?  Better yet, who is next for Asuka?  Right now, no one in NXT can touch the Empress of Tomorrow.  NXT General Manager William Regal found himself trying to find a formidable opponent for Asuka, which was James.  Will he try his hand at it again?  Perhaps there may be someone in NXT after all?  Or will he be calling on the other General Managers to appease the bored Champion?
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Either way, the show must go on and where Asuka will go is up in the air.  In addition to her desire to be challenged, Asuka seems to be hinting at a heel turn by getting way too confident in other matches.  The unpredictability of it all keeps the fans guessing which is a great thing considering how nothing seems sacred in the pro wrestling world anymore.  The next Takeover event is next month in San Antonio to which Asuka will need an opponent.  As far as fans know, there is no idea as to who will step up to challenge the undefeated NXT star.
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While I could definitely look around for women outside of the company and discuss it all day, I decided to just stick within the company.  We’ll leave the latter part to General Manager Regal.  So, if there was someone in this company who could potentially face and take down the Empress of Tomorrow, who would it be?
Next: No 5 – Women’s Tournament Winner

If there is a Women’s Tournament, the winner could face the Champion.  WWE.com

5. Winner of Potential Women’s Tournament
There are murmurings about a women’s tournament coming in the next year.  It is one of the hot rumors of the moment, but nothing has been confirmed.  This is strictly a rumor for now.  However, if the tournament comes to fruition, the winner of that tournament could be guaranteed a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship in addition to winning a WWE contract.
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Personally, I think it’s a great idea should it happen.  With how the Cruiserweight Classic turned out, this is a great way to get an opponent for Asuka.  The winner would prove to be a challenge considering the fight she would put in during the tournament.  Other finalists could also be signed to NXT, which is in need of women right now.  It’s a win-win on the surface.
However, with this being only hearsay and nothing set in stone this would take some time, possibly months.  It is a rather far-fetched idea, to say the least.  But it’s something to think about, especially if Asuka is still undefeated in the months to come.
Next: No. 4 – Charlotte Flair

Charlotte would pose a good challenge to Asuka.  WWE.com

4. Charlotte
Assuming that Asuka stays in a face role, if she challenged Flair, it would be a surprise for fans.  But it is a rather good surprise, as Charlotte would be a good opponent for the NXT Women’s Champion.  No one has improved more this year than the daughter of the Nature Boy.  Facing the former NXT Women’s Champion would be a challenge in addition to proving that Asuka has what it takes to go toe to toe with the women on the main roster.  Not that there was any doubt considering the performances Asuka has put on this past year.

Even if it’s only a one-off match, it gives Asuka what she’s been looking for in terms of competition.  Flair has both the Figure Eight and the Natural Selection – both moves have won her the Women’s Championship on Raw more than once.  Asuka has to look out for those if she were to face Flair.  If Asuka were to lose to Flair or even Sasha Banks it would be more of a humbling loss versus losing the Championship.
Next: No. 3 – Ember Moon

Ember Moon looks to take over the NXT Women’s Division. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

3. Ember Moon
Even though no one in NXT has been close to touching the Empress of Tomorrow, there are a couple of candidates who could possibly give her a run for her money.  One of those is the red-eyed beauty in Moon.  Moon continues to climb the ladder in NXT and could be a possible contender for the NXT Women’s Championship in due time.
If this was narrowed down to NXT, then Moon definitely would have my vote to dethrone Asuka.  Fans are already familiar with Moon thanks to her successful Independent run as Athena.  Seeing her conquer Asuka would be a huge deal if it were to happen.  It would be some time before that happens but definitely in the next year.

With Asuka teasing a heel turn, Moon would be the top babyface to meet her in the squared circle.  Moon is primed to take the top spot in the NXT Women’s Division once Asuka goes to the main roster.  If she dethroned the Women’s Champion, it would solidify that position.
Next: No. 2 – Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross could upset Asuka. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

2. Nikki Cross
Out of the pool of contenders to take down Asuka, this would be the biggest upset.  The lone female member of SAnitY could very well prove a task for Asuka in the future.  Cross presents herself as rabid and has no limits.  Cross has a rather vicious and intense personality, something that has been rarely seen of women.  For someone who has no problems fighting against the men of NXT, Cross could challenge the Empress of Tomorrow.  Asuka may very well meet her match in Cross.
There was a slight tease for a future matchup courtesy of the recent NXT episode.  No doubt would Asuka have her hands full should she come across the SAnitY member.  SAnitY has been a dominant faction in recent months – don’t be surprised to see them start carrying some gold around soon.  Cross has huge potential to start the trend for the faction.
Next: No. 1 – Sasha Banks

Asuka would know who is Boss if she faced Sasha Banks.  WWE.com

1. Sasha Banks
Perhaps Asuka is more than ready to try her hand at the main roster.  Who better to give her a run for her money than Banks?  The current Raw Women’s Champion is no stranger to hard-fought battles.  Banks knows the ring and uses it to her advantage.  In addition, her move set is pretty flexible when it comes to tough opponents.
Both women are experienced in the ring, which would lead to a great bout.  Much like Bayley, Banks can take Asuka to her limit if they should meet in the ring.  The match wouldn’t have to be a Championship match – maybe more like an inter-promotional match.  It would be hard choosing a winner that is for sure.  A match of this magnitude would have to take place on a PPV, maybe at an NXT Takeover or a Raw PPV.

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Asuka has already proven that she could hang with women such as James.  If anything else, she is destined for the main roster sooner rather than later.  If Asuka could take down Banks, then the entire Women’s Division would be in trouble.  However, if Banks could take down Asuka, then it says something entirely different.

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