Li-Ion battery chargers with LDO, load switches and (optional) smart reset generator

7 Jun 2017

The STBC02/03 are highly integrated battery management ICs embedding a linear battery charger, a 150 mA LDO, 2 SPDT load switches and a protection circuit module to prevent the battery from being damaged under fault conditions. The STBC02 also embeds a smart reset/watchdog block and a single wire interface for IC control

The STBC02 charges the battery up to 450 mA while the STBC03 up to 650 mA.

Both ICs use a CC/CV algorithm to charge the battery. The fast charge and pre-charge current can be both independently programmed using dedicated resistors. The termination current is set by default, being 5% of the programmed fast charge current, but it can also be set to different values in the STBC02. Likewise, the battery floating voltage value is programmable and can be set to a value up to 4.45 V

The STBC02/03 also feature a charger enable input to stop the charging process anytime.


Key features

  • Charges single-cell Li-Ion batteries with CC/CV algorithm
  • Fast charge current up to 450 ma (up to 650 mA for STBC03)
  • Pre-charge current from 1 mA to 450 mA
  • Adjustable floating voltage up to 4.45 V
  • Integrated low quiescent LDO regulator
  • Auto-recharge function
  • Charge/fault status output
  • Available in FlipChip30