60 V intelligent power switch ready today for tomorrow’s factory automation

31 May 2017

The IPS161H is a single high-side switch with protections and diagnostics for Safety Integrity Level (SIL2 and SIL3) compliant systems. With a supply voltage range up to 60 V, the IPS161H intelligent power switch (IPS) is capable of safely driving complex (resistive, capacitive and inductive) loads with one side connected to ground such as valves, relays and lamps in factory automation or process control applications.


Key Features

  • Wide supply voltage range: 8 to 60 V
  • Current limitation > 0.7 A with programmable cut-off delay time
  • Detection of open load or short to Vcc in OFF state
  • Max. on-state resistance of 120 mOhm (60 mOhm typ.) for very low conduction losses
  • Fast demagnetization of inductive loads