Build a presence detector that won’t drain the battery

20 Apr 2017

Sensors used to control lights or trigger alarms based on motion detection are a design challenge as they must be ultra-low power to ensure long battery life.

STMicroelectronics offers the STEVAL-IDI009V1 evaluation board builds a complete signal conditioning chain for the on-board passive infrared (PIR) sensor around the TSU102, a nanopower op amp consuming as low as 24 µA in idle state.

The board can connect to STM32 Nucleo development boards or an Arduino UNO R3 and comes with free firmware for evaluation and code development

Key Features

  • Allows motion detection with PIR sensor
  • Suitable for home automation applications
  • Based on TSU102 operational amplifier
  • Band pass filter bandwidth from 0.7 Hz to 5 Hz
  • Only 24 µA current consumption
  • With Fresnel lens to widen detection area
  • Compatible with NUCLEO boards
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3