STMicroelectronics continues to enhance flexibility for developers working with high-performance STM32F722/723 microcontrollers

11 Mar 2017

A new-generation Discovery kit provides access to the STM32F723’s unique high-speed USB PHY, and a new STM32 Nucleo-144 board supports the STM32F722.

With rich on-board features including MEMS microphones and sensors, an audio codec, and a display for user-interface development, the STM32 Discovery kits are ready to support creative demonstrations. In addition, the Discovery board has a High-Speed USB connector to take advantage of the USB-HS (High-Speed) Device physical layer (PHY) integrated in the STM32F723IEK6 MCU, as well as USB-FS (Full-Speed) connector and a TFT 240×240-pixel LCD touchscreen. There are also preloaded demonstrations, including a WAV audio player, a simple video player, and a voice recorder.