NAVIA ML8088sI v10 modules are available to the order from a warehouse

31 Oct 2016

The main feature of NAVIA ML8088sI modules is appearance of the I2C interface and 3 GPIO outputs for connection of various sensors. ML8088sI modules can work with the external accelerometer and the gyroscope and to perform the navigation directly by two systems: satellite and dead reckoning (DR). When the satellite system is not available, the module (after setup and calibration) determines a position of a moving object by means of DR. Usage of two systems helps increase the accuracy of the position and also avoid the “movement” of an object on the parking resulting from signals reflection and distortion. The rest characteristics of the module remains at a level of ML8088sE of the previous batches. The new ML8088sI v10 are completely compatible to the modules of the previous series. The ML8088sI module is dedicated, mainly, to automotive market where ML8088sE gave a good account. New abilities of ML8088sI will make the customer’s devices more flexible by means of inexpensive sensors. Setup and calibration of sensors require no additional gauges and is performed right on the car after installation of the customer’s device (a tracker, the alarm system block, etc.). After calibration, signals from the accelerometer, the accelerometer and the odometer are bound to data of GNSS and the DR becomes ready to work.




If the customer does not plan to use the dead reckoning, work with the ML8088sI module does not differ from work with ML8088sE.

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